Resverlogix Corp. (“Resverlogix” or the “Company”), founded in 2001 by Donald McCaffrey and Norman Wong, is a late-stage clinical biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of patients with chronic illnesses. We provide novel science, clinical and value-based health solutions to key stakeholders such as pharmaceutical, physician, and health payer groups. In 2005, Resverlogix commenced trading on the TSX under the symbol RVX.

Resverlogix is a pioneer in the landscape of epigenetics. Today, apabetalone – discovered in 2006 – is the world leader in a new class of drugs designed to regulate gene expression through the inhibition of bromodomain and extraterminal domain (BET) proteins. Through this mechanism, we believe we can improve the lives of our patients by restoring biological functions – altered by serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease – to a healthy state. The prevalence of BET proteins in the human body allows apabetalone to simultaneously target multiple disease-causing biological processes – leading a new paradigm shift in the treatment of chronic disease.

In Q3 2019, Resverlogix completed a Phase 3 clinical trial – BETonMACE – with apabetalone for the treatment of high-risk cardiovascular disease patients, who also have type 2 diabetes mellitus and low levels of high-density lipoprotein. The current standard of care for these high-risk patients includes the administration of statins, of which, the two most common are Lipitor and Crestor. Despite maximized use, statins only prevent approximately 30% of cardiovascular events within this patient group; the remaining 70% represents a large addressable market for the company. When used in combination with current treatments, apabetalone has the potential to improve the quality and duration of our patients’ lives.