Resverlogix Corp.

Mission and Values

"Our values are the foundation under which the entrepreneurial spirit of Resverlogix was founded. Our commitment to uphold our values and our truly talented people will make us a potential world leader in the treatment of diseases with a high unmet need."

Donald J. McCaffrey, President and CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to be both first and best in class in the research, development and successful commercialization of revolutionary products. As a leader in our field, we will meet our primary objective which is to improve the quality and longevity of our patients’ lives. We are committed to the merits of innovation, integrity, collaboration, leadership and quality throughout our science, business and communications.

Our Values

To assist in achieving our Mission we have created a set of five values which we utilize across all disciplines of our work.


Innovation is the key to improving the health of our patients. Our achievements reflect employee commitment, scientific innovation, continuous improvement and business acumen.


Our leaders believe that our shared vision will inspire employees, investors, partners and patients in advancing our goals. We believe in fostering an environment that encourages risk taking, recognition and rewards, and empowerment, allowing new leaders to emerge.


We recognize that key to our success is ensuring that we seek excellence in our people, information and partners in order to produce high quality products. Our scientific and business practices are organized to achieve superior results for patients, partners, investors and regulators.


We adhere to the highest standards of sound and ethical principles in our science, business, communications and products. We commit to transparent and timely communications.


We commit to efficient teamwork, across organizational and geographical boundaries, in order to advance scientific breakthroughs and meet the changing needs of our business.