2019 ERA-EDTA Congress Symposium

Resverlogix has supported an educational symposium at the European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Congress in Budapest, Hungary: "Vascular calcification in kidney disease: Epigenetics as a novel approach?"

Saturday, June 15, 2019: 13:15 – 14:45 hrs (Budapest)

Educational objectives

  • To summarise the epidemiology and pathophysiology of patients at high cardiovascular risk with CKD
  • To understand the origin of the high residual cardiovascular risk in patients with diabetes and kidney disease
  • To review how BET inhibition affects gene expression via epigenetic mechanisms, as a novel strategy to improve outcomes in CVD and CKD
  • To update and review current clinical research programmes evaluating the role of epigenetic regulation of gene expression in prevention and management of CKD & CVD

Symposium Agenda

  • Introduction - Peter Stenvinkel, MD Stockholm, Sweden
  • Epigenetic mechanisms targeting ALP: A pathway for prevention? - Marta Ruiz-Ortega, MD,Madrid, Spain
  • The role of ALP as predictor of cardiovascular events and vascular calcification in CKD - Mathias Haarhaus, MD, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Targeting residual cardiovascular risk & vascular calcification: The clinical perspective for BET inhibition - Vincent M Brandenburg, MD, Aachen, Germany
  • Panel discussion - Jurgen Floege, MD Aachen, Germany

Video Presentations & Symposium Highlights can be accessed HERE (when available) following the live event.