Resverlogix Corp.

BET Platform

The epigenetics drug development platform is based on targeting BET (Bromodomain and ExtraTerminal Domain) proteins. This family of proteins contains two small regions called bromodomains, which bind to a particular modified amino acid, acetylated lysine, found in proteins associated with DNA called histones. Resverlogix has discovered compounds that specifically bind to BET bromodomains and modulate gene expression, resulting in alterations in the activity of select genes involved in disease.

Utilizing our knowledge of BET proteins and epigenetics, we have identified additional new compounds. Our small molecule candidates have the following characteristics:

- Function via selective inhibition of BET proteins
- Alter the activity of genes that play a key role in disease in relevant cell models
- Demonstrate activity in animal models of human disease

Based on these and other features, we are in the process of identifying and developing compounds for additional clinical indications. Our proprietary platform activities continue to add to our growing suite of intellectual property needed to support the development of these assets.